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The Island Sanctuary - Marina Beach Estates & Sandals



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Tax advantages.
• Ability to reside.
• Exuma is exclusive, yet highly accessible by air and sea.
• The added value power of purchasing a property with a marina boat 
• Tourism is the largest industry in the Bahamas.
• Exuma is a boater’s haven, a golfer’s dream, a fisherman’s friend 
and a beach-lover’s paradise.

Emerald Bay is the superior real estate development on the island of Great Exuma. Marina Beach is a spectacular

peninsula of 19 lots that run from the beach to the Emerald Bay Marina. Each lot comes with its own bulk headed dock

space. A phenomenal opportunity for the ultimate beach and yachting connoisseur.

Four seasons use to be next door now it is a Sandals Resort. Four Seasons never brought in the power so no one has built yet since it is undetermined when they will bring the power in. I was going to build a Photoelectric home on the lot and then when ever the power is brought in then connect up to it since that may take years. Its a gorgeous piece of property. Has one of the best beaches.

Proximity to The Sanctuary Adjacent 0.1 miles

Lot 2 NBS $2,300,000
Lot 3 NBS $2,300,000
Lot 7 100’ boat slip $3,000,000
Lots 8 & 9 210’ boat slip $5,500,000
Lot 10 60’ boat slip $2,500,000
NBS = No Boat Slip.
Please note this is land price only.
Development is sold out. These are re sales.
Please note the low number of re sales indicating early investors are 
in for the long term to maximize returns. There are 19 lots on this site.
Only 7 being offered for resale.
All lots have already been sold once.

English Speaking islands.
• Queen is the Head of State.
• Based on UK laws and parliamentary system.
• Government encourages foreign investment.
• Excellent Capital growth Potential.
• Strength of pound to $US. The Bahamian and US dollar are pegged.


Lot 15  Survey

Title Policy



60 Foot Boat Slip With The Lot


Any Questions About The Property Contact Richard At 973-868-1948



Docks All Installed